Help me to help

Help me to build my free Fashion Academy to help people

As you already know, my Fashion Academy delivers PRO level courses on 3 topics, Fashion Design, Pattern Making and Sewing,

They are truly FREE, all of them, and will stay free forever!

Sadly enough, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do, nor it takes me no time and not even that it costs me nothing! Of course!

On my home page, I tell you why I put this challenge upon myself when I was living in London after I got so many requests from remote countries where people are struggling to learn a job to simply survive. As those countries are mainly English-speaking, I decided to build my Fashion Academy in two different languages, French and English. My French-speaking Fashion Academy is THERE.

I do exactly know what I want my project to be and I’m already quite happy with how it’s growing after only a few months (between May 2019 and February 2020) as both my blogs already have a nice community of followers with 600+ subscribers and 10.000+ views per month almost worldwide.

Anya Camau Fashion Academy has already followers and subscribers almost worldwide

However, I want to enhance my Fashion Academy. That’s why I just set a PATREON donation link to allow my followers to become my patrons and take their part in this challenge. This famous website gives the opportunity to anyone who wants to help, to give securely small amounts of money each month to artists and creators. Any amount you may donate, even very small, is a great help for me!

Help me to go on building my Academy, to give more content for free and faster

To be able to give more great content to all, through my Fashion Academy I set up a step-by-step strategy:

Delegate some parts of my job that are time-consuming as videos post-production, subtitles setting and translations from French to English,

Update or replace my old tools, for example, my old HP laptop who still works under Windows 7,

Create a new video playlist named “at my followers home” to show out their achievements,

Create a new video playlist named “SOS Fashion Academy” to publish support videos,

Quit with my current full-time job and dedicate all my time to my Fashion Academy,

Set partnerships with great providers and other creators,

Create my YouTube TV about what’s going on in my Academy community

Organise catwalks, exhibitions, meetings and fairs

and many more

Nothing is easy or free to build-up, but with your help I can make it.

How can I donate to help?

PATREON website is the first and most famous for helping artists and creators.

Here is how you can do to help me:

1- Click on “my PATREON page” link, on the right side of my page

2- On my PATREON page, scroll down to choose your donation amount, that is your “membership level”. They begin at only €4.00 per month. They are under my profile picture. Once you’ve set your membership level and your payments, you get access to my exclusive great contents for Patrons. They are listed in both languages, French and English, for each membership level. Those exclusives great contents are my way to thank you for your help.

3- Fill-in the form on next page with your name, email address, insert your password for this website and click on “Sign up” down the form. Now you are a “PATRON”.

Create your account and become a patron of Anya Camau Fashion Academy

4- on my PATREON page you will find information about my membership levels.

Help me to build my free courses and go on with my free Fashion Academy project for all and in two languages.

Payments by credit cards or, even better through your Paypal account, are totally secured.

You can edit or cancell your payments at any time from your PATREON account dashboard.

5- Once you’ll have set your membership level and your payments, you’ll get access to exclusive great content (that means content for you that is not available anywhere else). I regularly add exclusive great content to my PATREON page. Below is a sample of what you can get:

See what Choupette included in her mood board and learn how she can improve it

I included in some membership levels free support ticket to take place with myself only, by email or via Skype according to the level. You are now privileged members of my Fashion Academy.

6- In addition, you’ll receive an email each time a new exclusive great content is available only for you!

And I won’t be telling you enough, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP,

Best regards,