Pattern Making techniques

What Pattern Making technique are you looking for?

Scrolling down this page you will find all Pattern Making techniques included in my videos, listed with direct links to the page where you will find this technique easily and quickly.

Note: This list will be implemented after each new video is published. Check it regularly to watch newly published pattern making techniques.

How to use: Note the name of the video and the time of the technique display, then click on the link to go directly to the good page.

Foundation patterns (Block patterns):

Built the foundation pattern you’ve downloaded:

VIDEO “Pattern Foundation”


Enlargements for a shirt or a tunic:

VIDEO “Tunic body” from 3:56 to 5:36


Rotate bust dart from shoulder to the side:

VIDEO “Tunic body” from 2:40 to 3:55

Take off waist darts from the front:

VIDEO “Tunic body” from 5:36 to 7:46

Take off waist darts from the back (with enlargements):

VIDEO “Tunic body” from 7:47 to 10:54

Neckline and collars:

Binding for the neckline (when collarless):

VIDEO “Finishing up the tunic” from 3:05 to 4:13

Sleeves and armholes:

Draw a classic sleeve pattern:

VIDEO “Tunic sleeve pattern”


Flared bottom pants:

VIDEO “The pants” from 3:10 to 9:52




Reinforce a belt-less pants waist:

VIDEO “The pants” from 12:02 to 18:42


Lining, interlining and facings:


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