Free Pattern Maker course, tool list

All necessary tools to begin with pattern making


Tool list to get started in pattern making

1- A clean, smooth and flat table with a length of at least 150cm and a width of at least 100cm

2- A medium weight paper roll with a width of about 90cm

3- 3 m of Draping canvas of a medium weight

4- Two or three sheets of cardboard with a thickness of 3 / 10th, 100x140cm is a good size

5- A 1m long graduated metal ruler 

6- A large french curve in clear plastic, about 40cm long

7- A 30cm long square with 60/30 angles

8- Two weights of at least 500gr (for example dumbbells of 500gr )

9- A pair of large scissors to use only for paper or cardboard (not for fabrics)

10- Black pencils H  – A good white eraser

11- Adhesive tape, invisible is better  

12- Pins with small heads

13- A tracing wheel (and a sheet of carbon paper, optional)

14- 6m of red or black textile tape,  5mm wide