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WELCOME to Anya Camau Academy FREE Pattern Making course

This free pattern making course is comprehensive, created and taught by Anya Camau. She is an experienced fashion designer and pattern maker. In her course, you will find videos, presentations and documents to download. Anya Camau Academy is made for all fashion passionate, from amateurs who want to make their own clothes to those who want to create their own business in fashion.


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Amazing evening gown with a beaded animal skin design

The pattern maker is the essential step between the vision of the designer and the knowledgeable fingers of the seamstress. He (she) translates the idea of the designer into a paper pattern (or digital support). A designer is always a pattern maker in a certain way. A seamstress can easily add pattern making to her abilities, which is very useful in bespoke work. To be a good pattern maker you have to figure out volumes in 3D and to be meticulous.

Followers are sharing their work: thank you very much, it’s always useful to the other pattern making course followers. To have a look at their pictures, click HERE

Free Pattern Making course: The bases

To attend this course, watch the lessons as they are sorted.

Introduction to the job of Pattern Maker

First contact with Anya Camau. She explains what a pattern maker does and gives you an overview of the program of this pro and 100% free course.

The two main techniques: flat pattern and draping

Anya Camau explains the two methods of patronage, which both complement each other. The flat pattern drawing from foundation (or block) patterns or the draping method directly on the mannequin. A flat pattern will always be tested on a mannequin and draping will always be rebuilt flat. These are two methods that are used together.

DIY at home: Google Madeleine Vionnet, the queen of draping

The pattern maker’s tools

Anya Camau shows you the basic tools needed for the pattern maker’s work. You can download the list in pdf format at the beginning of this page. This material is for sale on this site at the “Store” page.


Download: Usual size table for French ready to wear

How to get each measurement and where they are on the body. Anya Camau shows you on the mannequin the locations of these measurements.

“Dressing” your mannequin

Anya Camau shows you how to set the tape lines for draping work on the mannequin and explains why these lines are important. Anya Camau is working on a mannequin in size 38. If you work in another size, refer to the size table provided in this course.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

DIY at home: Dress you own mannequin as Anya did

Test your print

Download: Square test

Before you download and print first the bodice foundation pattern, then skirt and pants foundation patterns, on your printer with A4 paper, it is very important to check that your printing will be with real dimensions (your print must fit perfectly to the real measurements of the body).  To check it, print the Square test and check that you get a square of exactly 10 cm on every side. If your measurement is different, try other settings in your printer settings.

To receive your foundation patterns (or block patterns) for free by email, please fill in the form below.

For sizes above 44, ask for block patterns in size 44 and watch my video series  “draw your block pattern in size 44+” THERE 

You don’t know which size you’d ask for? 

  • For bodice block, choose your size referring to your bust measure
  • For skirt and pants block, choose your size referring to your hips measure

If you are somewhere between two sizes in my size table, watch my video series of 4, to adapt your blocks to your own measures. It’s a patrons-only content. Click  HERE

Bodice foundation pattern construction

Follow Anya Camau’s instructions to stick together the A4 sheets of your bodice foundation pattern in size 38 to get a real size pattern. It’s easy and fast.

Transfer your foundation patterns on cardboard

Now it is strongly advised to transfer this foundation pattern on special cardboard. This will allow you to have a sturdy pattern that you can use easily and for a long time to create all your new patterns like a pro.

End of pattern making introduction: DIY at home

Download, stick together and transfer on cardboard skirt foundation pattern and pants foundation pattern

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Pattern making course 1st level program

Make the pattern of a tunic and trousers: In this part, we will begin to study flat pattern making – Know how to use the foundation pattern – How to give volume and ease – Enlargements – Bring volume by the sides and from the middle – String and beads application for embellishment



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