Fashion Designer, The program of my free course


azzedine alaia
Everything a designer needs to know in order to start in this job

Attending this course, you create from the first part!


In each part of this course, you will work on a different inspiration, find your vision, choose your colours, find the materials and draw a micro-collection that will be entirely personal. If you also attend my free pattern making course, you will make the pattern of one of the models in your collection, and if you attend my sewing course as well, which I both highly recommend, then sew the garments. By this way, you will learn the cycle of fashion creation from A to Z.

Introduction – How to perform a personal search – Find your first inspiration – Your Fashion Designer identity  – Your Fashion Traits – Your niche market

1- Your first mini-collection with soft and modern shapes including a tunic and pants

2- Your second mini-collection with classic and simple shapes with a work on details including a short dress with cutouts

3- Your third mini-collection with a “Folk” inspiration that will include a long “Cowboy” style skirt and pockets

4- Your fourth mini-collection works on volume contrasts and will include high waisted trousers with its top

5- Your fifth mini-collection focuses on details near the face and shoulders and will include a dress or tunic with sleeve effects

6- Your sixth mini-collection will reinvent timeless blouse dresses

7- Your seventh mini-collection about the modern “working girl” with a jeans tailor suit

8- Your eighth mini-collection focuses on fall-winter season with a coat

9- Your ninth mini-collection on VIP sportswear

10- Your tenth mini-collection on strapless variations of tops

11- Your eleventh mini-collection on midi evening dresses (cocktail)

12- Your twelfth mini-collection on maxi evening dress and wedding dress