Fashion Design Course, Level 2

Become a fashion designer

You can create your brand and open your business, you can progress in your hobby or you can teach Fashion Design to others

The program of my free fashion design level 2

Source and draw your second mini-collection about streetwear, including a midi dress. I recommend that you also attend my free pattern making course level 2 in which you will make the pattern of this dress, and my free sewing course to learn how to sew this dress.

  • What is streetwear?
  • Starting with colors, match colors with skin color, find a balance or choose to unbalance
  • Starting with fabrics
  • Personal search to find inspiration (I show you mine)
  • Find the guideline of your first mini-collection
  • Search volumes, choose colors, find materials, set your budget
  • Train to better sketch details
  • Choose your best ideas and draw the final sketches: at least 4 garments

If you have not followed the “Fashion Design level 1” after you have attended “introduction to fashion design”, please attend this full course before attending this second part of the course HERE.


Free Fashion Design course level 2

Streetwear, the most worn on fashion style since the 90s. Will it last for long?

This second part of Anya Camau Academy’s free fashion design course will teach you about streetwear, colors, and fabrics. Find your own streetwear guidelines, find out the relevant fabrics and materials, set the composition of your second collection, choose the volumes and details, and finally draw this collection.


The “Streetwear”

Watch to learn the definition, history, and future of this modern and very popular style.

At home: Google the word “Streetwear”

Make a personal search and set a streetwear collection guideline that inspires you. Name it and find out a relevant range of colors, fabrics, and materials. Think about your clients, what they would like to wear according to their budget, culture, religion etc.  

Matching colors

Colors are sensations. A Fashion Designer uses them to express his feelings about modern fashion and his vision about future fashion. Get familiar with colors matching and discordances.

At home: Practice on colorful atmospheres as explained in this lesson to find out the picture’s color range. Think about what feeling you have when you watch this picture. Do it several times. Eventually, think about a feeling and try to sort out what colors are expressing this feeling.

Learn how to sketch on a silhouette

With Anya Camau, draw your very first fashion sketch. Train to draw a garment on a silhouette, use the light to add density and life to your sketch. Learn small useful tricks to make noticeable and professional like fashion sketches.

DIY: Train at home following this simple lessons. Draw again this fashion sketch until you like what you did. Try several ways to set colors. The more you will train at home, the faster you will get wonderful fashion sketches.

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