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WELCOME to Anya Camau Academy FREE Fashion Design course

This free Fashion Design course is a full course, taught by an experienced professional. Classes include videos, presentations, downloadable materials and some personal work at home. These courses are made for all fashion enthusiasts, amateurs or Fashion Designers to be.


Following the panorama of international fashion is essential for a fashion designer.

Introduction to free Fashion Design course

To attend this free Fashion Designer course, please view the contents of this page in the order of their presentation.


Introduction to personal research

In his creative work, the Fashion Designer must anticipate the outputs of the collections by about 18 months. He usually works on several collections at the same moment. He also controls the prototypes (or pre-series of the collection that will come out on the podiums).

Free download: Fashion calendar

Free download: Collection chronology SS


How to find inspiration

Anya Camau explains why personal research is essential for the Designer to find inspiration. His (her) future collection will reflect his (her) vision while being “in tune with modern times”.

To do at home: Do a review of the print and internet press about Fashion and any other topic that affects you. Take a look at new technologies, new materials and new ideas in the international press. Take pictures while walking in your city (interesting situations, new streetwear, architectural or artistic detail, art exhibitions, design), etc.

Do not hesitate to gather as many pieces as possible (photos, magazine clippings, press articles, materials, objects, colors). This research must also focus on the society around you.

An example of personal research: Mine

To make you understand better the method and purpose of this personal research, Anya Camau shows you a little research she has done on a theme that touches her personally: the Brexit.

Who you are, your clients and your market

What is the reflection to follow to define your niche market? Your niche is the only market that will get you started quickly by earning recognition locally.

To do at home: Think about your local market. Ask yourself what you can bring to this market that doesn’t exist yet. Identify who your ideal clientele might be. Observe their lifestyle. Find what you can bring them that might be of interest (what do they need) and at what price. Speak around and ask questions to see the reactions to your project.

Build your Designer’s identity

While you do your first personal research, start thinking about your future carrier. How will you use your local implementation to define a strong Designer identity, which will then be the basis on which you will build your development?

Begin to invent your designer traits

Your traits are the elements or details that will represent your brand and make your creations easily recognizable by your fans. These elements can be a very personal style, one or more “fetish” colors, a specific silhouette, a kind of fabric, etc. Your traits will be reused again and again in each of your collections but always after being re-invented, never just copy them into your new collection.

To do at home: Type “Chanel collection Karl Lagerfeld” on your browser and find Chanel codes that Karl managed then to renew constantly without betraying them.

To do at home: Look for information and understand what made the success of Jean-Paul Gauthier, his vision, his codes and how they are constantly renewed.


Personal work of end of 1st part to send by mail to:

Subject: Make your own first mood board

1- Do your personal research on your local market

2- Pin your board with all materials you gathered during your research

3- Send me a picture by email indicating your name or designer nickname

and tell me how you went through this introduction of the course,

I look forward to your pictures, documents, and comments,

Thank you,



Program of the first level of the free fashion design course

You draw your first mini-collection looking for soft shapes and modernity, including a tunic and his pair of pants. I recommend that you also attend my free pattern making course in which you will make the pattern of this tunic and pants and my free sewing course to learn how to sew these clothes by yourself.

  • Personal research to find inspiration (I show you mine)
  • Find the guideline of your first mini-collection
  • Look for volumes, choose your colours, find materials, set your budget
  • Draw the first sketches of several garments
  • Choose your best ideas and draw the final drawings
  • Draw the technical drawings





You have a question? You do not understand how this course works?

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