Free Easy Sewing Course

WELCOME to Anya Camau’s Free Easy Sewing Course

This free easy sewing course is a complete, easy-to-follow course taught by an experienced fashion designer and pattern maker. Courses include videos, presentations, and downloadable documents. This sewing course is for everyone, from the beginner who wants to sew as a hobby to the beginner who wants to create his own business in fashion.


What makes the difference?

Going through each part of Anya Camau Academy easy sewing course, you will sew REAL GARMENTS and not usual exercises sewing on scraps!

Because each part will show you how to cut and assemble a real garment or a complete suit. The first parts will teach you the basics, then you will learn more and more advanced technics as you attend the course, and you will learn sewing easily. Because the pleasure of making a garment from A to Z will make you forget that you are learning!


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