Free Courses

Anya Camau Academy offers 3 free courses

all of them are complementary:

Fashion design: from inspiration to the creation of a complete fashion collection step-by-step.
Pattern maker: knowing how to interpret a designer’s sketch and create the corresponding patterns (pattern making).
Sewing: how to use the pattern of the pattern maker to sew the garment that will go on stage at the next Fashion Show.
To start your training, choose from the drop-down menu “free courses” the subject of your choice then follow the course, that’s it! I recommend you attend several courses at the same time, instead of one after the other, because each Fashion Design part extends with a Pattern Making Part that will extend with a Sewing part as well.

Each free course contains 12 parts. Each part consists of several videos with free documents to download and personal work to do at home.

If you encounter a problem during your training and want to get support, just buy an online help ticket in my online store and send an email to to expose your problem to get direct support and advice in return.

You can also book a one-hour private lesson by purchasing the ticket in my store.