My name is Anya Camau

Anya Camau
Anya Camau, Fashion Designer, Pattern Maker and Fashion Blogger

Hello, my name is Anya Camau

I am passionate about fashion since always. I am also a very experienced fashion designer. Anya Camau is my stylist nickname. I studied fashion design in the distant 1980s at Esmod, Paris. Then I worked in 3 different countries of Europe. I have also worked in all sectors of fashion: ready-to-wear, creation of evening dresses and bespoke wedding dresses, pattern making and freelance gradations for the industry, pattern CAD service. I even had the chance to work as a designer for a luxury boutique hotel in Italy.

Now in my fifties, coming back to France from London, I still love this job! It was therefore natural for me to go in with this business.

Anya Camau – My story in a few words

I left ESMOD, Paris, in June 1982. I then worked at various positions in the “sentier”, the historical heart of the fashion industry in Paris. This industry teaches you how to work fast and well but the competition is tough and salary are very low.

After several years I created my brand in collaboration with another designer. We settled in the “Marais” during the blazing 80’s. It was really cool! We had elegant clients and designed exclusive dresses evenings and parties. We had artists friends but it was also the AIDS years and, sadly, I saw all those friends disappearing.

When I wondered how to go on alone and find my way, I met the love of my life and I left Paris to live with him. At the end of the 80s, leaving Paris meant leaving fashion! But I do not regret anything and still live today with this wonderful man.

I then learned other skills, directed several companies but I always kept an activity in fashion. Then I learned about decoration while working for a 4 * boutique-hotel in Italy.

After a while we moved to London, where I had the great pleasure of opening my fashion studio. I started publishing fashion design courses on the internet. London is a beating heart, there is a huge energy in the air that makes you feel that your project will succeed. People are very cool!

Now I’m back in France and I think it’s time to share, to share my knowledge and my experience and I’m so happy to be able to do it!

Anya Camau – My project

I worked hard for several months to create my FASHION DESIGN, PATTERN MAKING AND SEWING programs. I wanted my courses to be:

  • Easy to follow with lots of photos, videos, presentations
  • Accessible to anyone who wants to learn and who is willing to provide a personal work at home
  • An immersion in the world of fashion and sewing. You will create, draw, cut, sew, touch up clothes from the first part to the last part of my courses.-
  • Custom: Attending my fashion design course, you draw your OWN collection, with my pattern making course you build your OWN patterns, with my sewing course you sew your OWN clothes-
  • You can have a direct support and even 1:1 lessons. A real contact by email and Skype and not just a FAQ.
  • Attending my courses in Fashion Design and Pattern Making, you can quickly start your professional activity as a designer, pattern maker or doing both. It is possible to train in a few months if you devote enough time and willpower. But you can also train at your own pace if you do not have enough time or if you have another job.
  • I’m taking you into the real world of fashion, and not into the idealized world that fashion schools often sell to you.
  • I also teach you how to discover and build your identity as a designer, highlight it on social networks, choose your sector in fashion (your market) and find your sales vectors.
  • I offer a course with very high quality content, professional and yet my classes are free because it’s my will. You only pay if you request direct support or for a 1:1 lesson.

And after, what will change for you?

If this is your goal, you will soon be able to start your fashion designer and/or pattern maker freelance activity thanks to my course. You can quickly open your business, make money and change your life for an exciting designer’s life, just like mine! That’s why I want to publish my courses, to receive your testimonials and to enjoy your progress.

If you only want to complete your knowledge about your favorite hobby, then you will have a complete panorama of this hobby without having paid anything.

And what about me?

I will be happy to help you, and at the same time happy to give a new meaning to my life. I see these courses as an opportunity for me to help others, those who are fighting for their dreams. If your dream is to become a Designer, Pattern maker, Seamstress, as soon as you have read this page, run to subscribe to my newsletter and begin watching my courses videos. You will not regret it and won’t lose anything, it’s FREE!

Don’t delay, if I have too many students, I will have to reduce the number of students to be able to follow the evolution of everyone and give support when needed!

See you soon,



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