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Holidays are gone, children are studying, we can go on with fashion design, pattern making and sewing!

First of all, I want to thank you for all your lovely comments throughout this last summer!

Thank you, thank you so much.

Then, what’s new?

Of course, I will go on publishing and increasing my fashion academy free courses

In addition, I will publish a small pdf ebooks. I don’t want to write down what I’m teaching in my free courses online. These ebooks will add lots of details, tips, and tricks to my free lessons. Easy and fun to read.

They will be available in my online shop for a few Euro. My goal is to build an ebook collection about fashion design, pattern making, and sewing. Buying my ebooks, you will help to go on with my free fashion academy, and that is my major target.

Other thoughts?

I’d like to add “emergency help at home” videos to show out how to get done with some tricky situations in pattern making and sewing. But still, I’m not sure how I should make them, what should be the best pitch? If you have any idea that could help, just contact me, please.

Let’s go back to fashion design, pattern making and sewing!

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