How do my courses work?

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Many of you ask me “How do my courses work” and how to attend them.

What’s inside my courses?

I publish a Fashion Design course, a Pattern Making course and a Sewing course. These courses have lots of links together.

You look for inspiration then draw a small collection at each level of my fashion design course, if you’re looking for a fashion design course,

You make the pattern of one clothe of your collection, to your size or to the size of your client, if you’re looking for a pattern-making course,

You cut the fabric and sew this clothing, from A to Z, if you’re looking for a sewing course,

THE MOST IMPORTANT IS TO ATTEND MY COURSES AS THEY ARE SORTED, first the basics, then level 1 before level 2, etc.

Each course level is displayed on a unique page, including comments, advice, videos, and work to do at home.

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How do my courses work?


No mandatory account, no profile to fill in, no subscription, no free trial period, no payment after a while,


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Go to my website and click on “Free Courses”

Choose your course between my 3 courses, then choose the first row from the right menu


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Learn carefully the whole page from top to bottom before you go to the following page.

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If you feel you don’t understand, contact me using the form below, I always reply.f you feel you don’t understand, contact me using the form below, I always reply.

For how long can you attend my courses?

You attend my courses when you want and for as long as you want to do it! NO DEADLINE.

It’s fine if you go through very slowly because you don’t have enough time,

It’s fine if you come back to attend my course three times because you’ve forgotten everything,

It’s fine if you attend my courses with a friend,

Are my courses TRULY free?

Yes, yes, a hundred times YES,

No engagement, no subscription, no regular fee, no fee at all!

If you don’t trust this, I can’t do anything more for you!

I still don’t understand how it works?

Then just give a try and you will see that, it’s as easy as that!

One last question before you go:

I currently plan to give collective online courses for a maximum of 6 persons at a time. Recurrent courses for only 30-40 minutes, with myself, to learn better with enough time to practice at home between two online courses, because I think that 1 hour is too much concentration. You may be able to attend a 30-40 minute lesson but may not be able to attend a one hour (work, children, cooking) and eventually stop learning.

Attending these online courses, you will get a better understanding of my free courses, you won’t do it alone, you will get more training if you want to open your business (and you are many to contact me to ask this).

Even if it’s not for now, do you think you could attend a collective online course later?

What price would you agree to pay for such online courses?

To send your reply, just fill in the form below, thank you very much.

All the best and take care,


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