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I try to write a post about a question once a week.

This week, here is THE question:

How can I make my mood board if I have no tools at all?

Nathalie sent me an email to explain how she made her mood board although she had no board to pin on, no color palette, and no magazine (due to quarantine harsh times).


I am interested in your courses (fashion design, pattern making, and sewing) because I am an amateur seamstress for a few months. I want to make my clothes and I started basic courses in fashion design, pattern making, and sewing.

First of all, thank you for making them available for free. It’s a lot of knowledge you share! 🙂 I found out because you posted it in a Facebook group.

For the fashion design class, I try to make my mood board. I don’t have any picture to pin, so I took pictures. Right now, I’m interested in botany, so for the colors, I went to pick flowers. For fabrics, I have not yet decided my choice. ordered samples from online stores. I’m waiting for delivery. It is an entirely personal collection that I hope (I hope in the long term) to create. As the pants doesn’t connect me too much, I preferred to draw shorts and a skirt. I attach the beginning of my work to pdf format. If you would like to take a look at it and comment, we can discuss it! Surely there are things to improve on!

read from you soon,
Kind regards,
How to use pictures to make a mood board.

Here is what I said to Nathalie about her mood board

So that Nathalie can continue her initial search. She has found the basics of her future collection, but she still has to work on it to make it MORE PERSONAL!

Hello, Nathalie,

Thank you for taking an interest in my Fashion Academy.

Every fashion designer has a universe of his own, a culture, a personal story, so it’s normal that the sources of inspiration are very different. Your interest in botany can be an interesting and fertile source of inspiration

Your mood board shows bright, bright colors,
find out how you can also restore the textures and shapes of the flowers, their petals.
Since your clothes have simple shapes, try to customize them with these elements.
How to bring plant details to your clothes (prints, embroidery, applications, reliefs etc.)
Your shorts will be simple but they must wear something new that comes from you, that will make your shorts so different that your customers will buy it for you!
The design sketching serves to make your boss or future boss understand what your style is.
If you make your own clothes, you will need less to know how to sketch well, but it is always useful.
Keep on training and feel free to contact me if you need some advice,

Kind regards,

What your mood boards must show out?

A mood board should illustrate the personality, creativity, the fashion designer mood. Starting from a specific guideline, which has imposed itself on the designer through his research and reflections as a guideline e that brings something new, the mood board is the result of the designer’s 360-degree research. This research has always brought too many elements, too many ideas at first.

Then the fashion designer went through all ideas to better define a consistency to his collection and keep the best. If you’re sorting, there needs to be more elements at the beginning than at the end. This sorting is not a waste of time, it is a mental journey that allows oneself to visualize what his collection will be. This time of focusing is necessary for ideas to come into place.

The mood board is then a visual reminder of the elements that the stylist has decided to include in his collection, as a reminder throughout his creative work. A return to the mood board thus avoids having a collection “off-topic“.

Do you have any questions? Comments? I’m waiting for them!

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