When is it too late to get started?

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When can you say it’s too late to get started with Fashion Design?

Many of you are worrying about being too late and I receive many questions on this topic.

If it is quite usual to start writing, painting or sculpturing when already at a rather old age … I think of Jean Marais (a french actor) who became a potter at the end of his life … Many think that you have to be young to get started with Fashion Design.

However, it is a job of artistic creation that does not require perfect physical conditions, such as dance for example. No, but you have to learn the techniques and look for your style, again and again!


Then why so many think it’s too late?

I received this email a few days ago:

Hello Anya,

I am African and I am really interested in what you do and I started to attend your courses since this week. I am a man and I always had a passion for fashion but, for lack of means, and also lack of academic fashion center in Africa, I had to choose mechanical studies at the university. After my training, I got into the job market. Currently, I am closing 39 years of age and I wonder if I still have a chance to make up for all the lost time.

I really want to get into fashion now. I really need your advice. Thank you. I am really looking forward to reading from you.



Here is what I answered:

Hello A.,

Thank you for writing to me from Africa.

I think it’s never too late to get into fashion. Some designers started late too. I also think that you got to have a certain maturity to know how to find your own style.
Those who started very young and have already found it are geniuses like Yves St Laurent.
But Dior really started in fashion at 33!
Besides, I think it’s an exciting activity, even if it remains a hobby.

I am convinced that Africa deserves to have its great stylists, why not you?
But it takes hard work to get started, get known, create your brand and grow. Success and money come late (several years), even if you are a great designer.
For me, talent in Fashion Design is made of feeling the evolution of your time and offering the fashion that matches it, while adding your style, that’s how it works.
Identify a need of the society in which you live and propose a solution that includes your style.
The Fashion Designer does not need to know many techniques, but he needs to train and improve himself always. This is why you need to attend a course when you start and after there will be a lot of personal work.
Pattern making and sewing require many techniques, and therefore, more courses to attend. It is important for a Fashion Designer to get a serious knowledge of these two jobs, to be able to manage the work of the pattern maker or the seamstress.
My Fashion Academy is free and open access, you speak and write French well, so attend my courses, work a lot at home, and it will do for you.
On the other hand, I strongly advise you to keep your current job to ensure you an income which will allow you to pay for your fashion beginnings. If you have friends, or family, eager to collaborate or invest money on your brand, it’s even better.
I hope my advice will be useful,
All the best and take care,

How many fashion enthusiasts are thus misled into a job and a life that doesn’t suit them? A. works in mechanics although he’s always dreamed of a job in the fashion world. Here is what motivates me again and again!

I would love to know your opinion on the age limit for working in fashion,

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Thanks, take care,



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