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I just add a new page to my website: “Draw your own block patterns above size 44”

available HERE

You will find there all you need to get FINALLY block patterns made to your own measures above size 44:

  • A link for size 44 blocks free download
  • 3 videos to draw your own bodice block pattern
  • 1 video to draw your own skirt block pattern
  • 2 videos to draw your own pants block pattern
  • Lots of tips
  • And you can contact me to get free help, as always

It’s FREE, truly and completely FREE!

Made-to-measures blocks are essentials to get great sewing patterns

But why should I have to draw my blocks?

Above size 44, it becomes difficult to find one size in ready-to-wear brands size tables, you already experienced this before.

Your bodice size seldom is your skirt or pants size, I’m sure you are somehow like that!

You have a one and only way out this: Draw your own blocks (bodice, skirt and pants) to YOUR OWN measures and you’ll finally get blocks that fit you well.

What will I do with these blocks?

All your pattern making projects will get easier and you’ll get well-fitted patterns faster.

Then you will attend my free Pattern Making and Sewing courses (and why not my Fashion Design free course as well) and make your own garments by yourself, even decide to open a new business, if you are dreaming of doing such a move. Launch your women wear brand for women like you! Work as a team with your friends!

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