What could you do with scraps?

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I like very much showcases that make you literally jump onto your sewing machine!!!

Here is one, from a comment I just post on Facebook, while following one of my (numerous) Facebook groups.

The question is:

“I’m looking for inspiration. My mother just gave me this stack of old napkins from a restaurant. What can I do with this? (nos bags or cushions please). Thank you for your help”.

Mado Audray from Facebook group “Passion couture, idées et partage”

Here are Mado scraps

My suggestion:

“I’d try something like this for this summer!”

A vertical strips summer dress

Here is a very nice showcase for recycling fabrics. Mado’s scraps have thick strips with block colours, thus a summer dress is best.

As the strips are used in several directions: in the bias for the top, vertical for the ruffled skirt and horizontal for the hem, nobody will think you just used old napkins (indeed!).

No need to line it.

A zipper in the back and a button at the neck, nothing hard to make!

If you are more busty, you will need bust darts that you can set during a fitting. Take care to make them symmetrical!


What do you think of this scrap recycling? Please use the comment box down this page to send me your answer, Thank you.

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