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Are you looking for a specific technique?

Even though you are attending one of my courses, or maybe all courses (THANK YOU), you sometimes need updates on specific techniques about fashion design, pattern making or sewing topics.

So I created a kind of summary to list all techniques that are displayed in my videos or my posts

How to get access to the technique you are looking for?

Open up and scroll down “Techniques” in my main menu at the top of the page and choose “Pattern making techniques” or “Sewing techniques” (or just click on one of these links).

Fashion Design techniques will be listed as well later on.

1- Check if your technique is already available

2- Note the name of the video

3- Note the timing to watch this technique

4- click on the link to go directly to the good page and watch the technique you are looking for NOW


You will save time and get direct access to the good video

I’m sure these techniques summaries will help you,

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