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I received this message this morning 


I’ve already received my bodice foundation pattern, but now I’de like to make a sleeveless tunic with a “V” neckline… I don’t want any zipper at the back. I think I will attend the beginning of the tunic pattern making course, to rotate the bust dart toward the side… I must say I’m quite at a loss… and for the enlargements as well. “Mrs P.”


Thank you for your message, Mrs P.!

Each feedback, even tough ones are useful as I can value if my courses are clear enough.  Your comments are my main source to understand what you are looking for.


The positive side of this message: Eagerness

I see that Mrs P. is truly enthusiastic about my course, she wants to go on and make all the pattern she’d like to make. And who could say she’s wrong? Certainly not me!

What I also like about Mrs P. is that she has a lot of questions and she tries to find solutions by herself, this is very positive as well.

She’s eager, eager to learn, eager to understand and eager to make by herself. Congratulations!

What’s less positive:

Mrs P. wants to go on fast, maybe a little too fast, and that could lead her to face failures, even damage a nice fabric and work for hours FOR NOTHING!

And I’m afraid this could be the end of her nice eagerness.


What is she asking for?

If Mrs P. already knows something about pattern making, she could get through by herself and I will be happy to congratulate her.

If Mrs P. is new to pattern making, here are some mistakes she’d better avoid. This is also why I write this post, she may read it and follow my advice.

Mrs P. wants to make the pattern of a short tunic she could wear with pants. She sent me a picture that I can’t publish here as it’s not a picture of mine, thank you Mr Copyright.

Mrs P. has already understood that she can rotate the bust dart from the shoulder down to the side if she wants to. She’s right to attend this part of my course to rotate the bust dart. As this tunic is large enough, she doesn’t need to alter the back darts.

The enlargement that I show in this Pattern Making course level 1 is made for shirts, tunics, light dresses. If Mrs P. wants a larger tunic, she will have to enlarge further and I told her to do it. Even more, after Mrs P. told me she didn’t want to set a zipper at the back, I told her she will need much more ease to dress it head first!

Mrs P. doesn’t want any sleeve for her tunic. It’s easy enough, she just doesn’t make the sleeve, but the armhole line remains the same if she wants a classic armhole.

Mrs P. wants a “V” shape neckline but her picture shows out a round neckline with a slide. In both cases, and only after she has enlarged the neckline while attending my course, she will have to draw her neckline and then draw the binding that will come inside to finish up this neckline neatly.



Before you get started to make large alterations on a pattern, even if it seems quite similar. As always details are making a big difference between a nice result and a failure.

But “who doesn’t try gets nothing” so my advice to Mrs P. will always be “GO ON!”


Thank you for attending my courses and for sharing it with your friends,

Best regards,



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