What is a block pattern for?

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Why should I use a block pattern, or a foundation pattern?

Yesterday evening, I received this kind message:


I’ve just built my foundation pattern but I can’t find any sleeve.  Could you please send me a sleeve foundation pattern as well?

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Then, I realised I didn’t explain well enough what is a foundation pattern (block pattern) and what it is made for.

What is a block pattern

A block pattern is not a pattern!


A block pattern is precisely your sewing form pattern! This pattern is too small for you to move or breathe when you wear it.

Yes, your block pattern cannot be used as a pattern although there’s “pattern” in its name. This is a paradox.


Then, why should I bother to download it, build it and transfer it on cardboard?

You could draw again this block from scratch each time you make a new pattern for a shirt, a dress, a sleeveless dress, etc. But this block is tedious to draw thus you’d waste your time, get lost. Furthermore, when it comes to business, time is money.


How can I use my block to make a new pattern?

First of all, you’d have to slightly adapt your block to your morphology, there will be a video about this very soon. At the same time, you’d have to adapt your sewing form too and there will also be a video about that (a little later on though).

Once you get your block ready, you’ll only have to transfer it on blank pattern paper, move or cancel darts, enlarge it and the job is done. You will learn enlargements for shirts, dresses, jackets and coats.

This is how you use your block pattern. And this works for pants block and skirt block as well.


And what about the sleeves?

Sleeves are ALWAYS made according to armholes. Armholes are different according to the garment you want to make. They can have lots of different shapes. That’s why a sleeve block pattern doesn’t exist.

And I want to thank Mrs P. for this question that allows me to write this post.


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