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What’s this, a designer identity?

I recently publish a whole video only about this topic because building your designer identity is so important to go on towards success.

Your fans, clients and clients-to-be need to be happy to be your fans, proud to wear your outfits or dreaming to wear them someday. They feel that a tiny piece of your fame is somehow coming down on them.

They are acting as a brand network so they need your style to stand out. As a fashion designer you need to build a “stand out identity” so everyone will know it’s YOU. You must show out your public life, what you wear, how you act as well as your fashion shows.


Don’t mix up designer identity and personality

Here, you are building your PROFESSIONAL IMAGE not exposing your private life. Lesson to what your clients say, what they are looking for and give them what they want. Your private life is of no interest for them, they don’t care. Show out how you work, how much you are successful and they will be proud to be following you.


Your style versus current fashion trend

Here is above a very interesting example of what I mean, from Instagram.

Right, you can see a fashion show from a fashion school. Garments are made by students. Instead of wondering if you like these outfits, do ask yourself this question: “Do they bring something truly new, something fresh?”.   My personal answer would be NO.

Left,  this is an outfit from last Moschino fashion show by fashion designer Marcus Mam. His style is strong and punchy, and that is going well with Moschino brand. Even more, this designer brings in a new energy to Moschino brand. Even if you don’t like it personally, even if you won’t be wearing this outfit, you won’t forget it.

It’s exactly what it’s done for. Bring the brand forward, make the buzz, fill in magazines covers and then you will earn big money with marketing products, accessories and perfumes.


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