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Always change but never deny yourself

To progress in his job, a fashion designer must constantly renew his collection guidelines, always change inspiration while carefully keeping his “traits” that will make it  easy for his fans to go on following him.

To say it shortly, it’s a permanent balancing act between maintaining one’s style and opening it to new inspirations.

Any source of inspiration is good to use, provided it does not push the fashion designer to the point that he changes his traits. I think that this phenomenon is true for every artist: author, composer, painter, sculptor etc.


Always change, but keep on with your roots

We could call it “ethnic fashion” in a rather condescending way, but if we take a closer look, even Western fashion designers get their inspiration from their own roots and their own culture.


When culture and traditions are cleverly  interpreted to always change at each fashion show


Here is a picture I found on Instagram, in the @theresahelbig account I subscribed to.

I love this modern way of bringing these big African savannah animals on a very urban dress. Here there is no direct copy of local costumes, nor warm colors of these countries. No, just the interpretation, the idea of ​​a savannah seen by the eyes of an inhabitant of a modern metropolis. The simple line of the dress and this nude pink almost “no color” reinforces the modernity of the style.


A very nice work in ethnic inspiration indeed!


What do your think about it? 

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