How to draw a perfect sleeve pattern

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If you’re familiar with pattern drawing, you know how tricky a sleeve pattern can be and it gets even more difficult when you have to drape it on your sewing form as it has no arm indeed.

Drawing a sleeve pattern can get tricky sometimes


What is a perfect sleeve

This perfect sleeve “falls” down naturally and vertically from the shoulder. The sleeve head is well rounded, doesn’t show any crease or ruffle and may give an additional height. It’s connecting well under the arm and does not pull up or give too much fabric. This sleeve seems to come above the garment while getting nicely around the armhole.

In addition to all above, the perfect sleeve moves with the body comfortably.

Now you know why a perfect sleeve pattern is not that easy!

Learn how to draw the perfect dress sleeve pattern

How to draw the perfect sleeve pattern

A classic sleeve, also called straight sleeve, always add a classy touch to a garment. Sleeve dimensions are calculated according the garment style, the garment body and the type of  fabric as well. To get a perfect sleeve pattern you’ll have to set a proportion between the sleeve and the garment, and then slightly adapt it to the designer’s vision.

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