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If someone asks me: “what do you think is the MOST important quality for a fashion collection?”, I would certainly answer: CONSISTENCY




A fashion collection should be appealing, featuring beautiful or unusual garments to get customers attention.

But you’re not designing a one-shot collection don’t you? You’re purpose is to last and increase your fame as a fashion designer. That’s when CONSISTENCY is useful, even more is A MUST.

What is consistency?

Bring consistency in all your fashion collections means that your clients and fans will ALWAYS find in it your traits, your creation DNA, and at each time but you show them out with different ways.


How to get consistency?

CONSISTENCY in all your fashion collections means:

  • From collection #1, clients discover and remember your style, the way you’re designing, your designer identity
  • Afterwards, your fashion collections are showing new faces, new translations of your own designer identity, which never change (but can evolve).
  • You never change your style, you just illustrate your current feeling above your designer identity foundation.

What does that mean for me?

Go to and watch my “find your identity” video there.

For your clients (who are also you best fans), the most important thing is that they get noticed as your clients when wearing your garments. I mean other people recognise your brand and style, even if they are not clients themselves.

If you completely change your input at each fashion show, you won’t get anything like that. You have to build your identity to get recognised by always creating with consistency.


Consistency is the one and only tool you have to last as a famous fashion designer


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