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How many aspiring stylists told me “I do not know how to draw so I can not be a fashion designer”. But, although fashion schools still select their candidates upon this criterion, I can reassure them: There is no need to be an artist illustrator to be an excellent fashion designer.

The fashion sketch must have the following characteristics:

  • fast execution with simple hardware because it will be redone and corrected many times
  • colored in a basic and economical way, for the same reason as above
  • executed on an A4 format, convenient to classify and transmit
  • proportionate, with the proportions of the fashion silhouette, so that the pattern maker understands the volumes
  • detailed so that the pattern maker can best illustrate the vision of the designer
  • annotated with any detail that might help the pattern maker
  • ideally presents a small sample of selected fabrics and materials
  • give an indication of the coordinated accessories to chelp the shoe designer, the milliner, the bag maker, the jeweler etc.



As you can see, fashion sketch is not a work of art but a sketch for work. The confusion that exists between fashion illustration and fashion design too often leads the candidate designer to focus on drawing rather than focusing on creation.

A nice fashion illustration doesn’t make necessarily a nice outfit

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