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Anya Camau Academy:

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Learn for free Fashion Design, Pattern Making and Easy Sewing

Anya Camau Academy fashion courses are taught online. These are my own courses, I created them myself thanks to my experience of more than 30 years working in these three jobs.

Anya Camau Academy is not the usual fashion school!

I do not promise to give you a state diploma free of charge after a few weeks or months of training. To achieve this there are many fashion schools, some of which offer courses online (but not for free).

No! I do not deliver any degree at the end of your training

Instead, I’ll teach you everything I know, everything you need to create your own independent brand in fashion or just to fully enjoy your hobby.

No diploma? During my more than 30 years career of Fashion Designer, nobody has ever asked me to show out my diploma, because it is the know-how that makes the difference. On the opposite, if you want to integrate a stately structure (as a costume maker for an Opera for example) or get hired by an Haute Couture fashion company, you will have to show a state diploma and therefore to study in a well-known school.

Do not miss it! Free designer, pattern maker and sewing courses

IF you are looking for practical, effective, inexpensive (since it is FREE) training to:

change your life and create your business in fashion,

become a self-taught designer, freelance designer, designer and pattern maker,

open your own workshop, become a tailor or a seamstress, and work directly for your customers or sell your patterns

locally teach sewing, design or pattern making,

In some countries, you can even open your own fashion school,

or simply progress in your hobby

IF you do not have the time, the money, the freedom, the opportunity, or the age to attend a full-time course in a fashion school,

Anya Camau Academy courses are made for you!

Design, pattern making and sewing courses at Anya Camau Academy to learn for free


I have built full and professional programs then I made them available on this site into the “100% Free Courses” menu. Each program has several parts. Each part includes several documents, videos and presentations. These courses are free, with open access and you can watch it as many times as you want in streaming.

Following each step-by-step course, I will ask you to do some personal work to put into practice what I teach you online. I strongly encourage you to seriously make these personal works which are essential to properly assimilate the training and be able to attend the following part of the course. In addition, you will use your personal work later on to build your portfolio.


I ask you in return, and at the end of each part of the course in the 3 topics (design, pattern making, sewing), to send me pictures of your personal work, the description of your projects and your comments. I need them to check the quality of my courses and to make them known on the web and social networks. I will indicate your first name or nickname as the source, fully respecting your copyright. (You attend my free lessons and I take advantage of your feedbacks to increase my audience, it’s as simple as that).

The first parts of the 3 topics are available directly on this site. Simply click on the “free courses” tab, choose your topic and then enjoy the content of the page using the links one after the other in the order of their publication. You choose freely to study one or more subjects, together or one after the other.

To attend the following free course parts, simply fill out the form at the end of your first class and send me pictures, comments and testimonials. I will then send you by email your access code and your password to access the following free course parts. Each part of the program, always free, will be accessible after sending a short presentation of your personal training.

These free courses are an exchange, my free lessons against your pictures and testimonials. Photos and testimonials will be published on this site and in the pages of my social networks with your first name or nickname as the source. You will gain visibility and I will gain notoriety. It’s a win-win operation.